Guided Tours

We operate a variety of guided sea kayak programs, from the 2.5-hour Harbor & Islands Paddle to the full-day Volcano Coast Cruise & Paddle. Our base of operations is the Big Blue Bus at Crescent Harbor.

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If you’re planning a multi-day sea kayaking expedition, Sitka is the perfect “base camp” to start from. Besides being a fantastic town, it is also a great place to stock up on every manner of provision you might need.

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Water Taxi

Almost every wilderness activity in this part of Alaska requires at least some travel by sea. Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures can provide safe, reliable & economical transport to any location up to 60-nautical miles from Sitka.

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Start your Sea Kayaking Adventure in Sitka!

Perched on the rugged western edge of Baranof Island, and framed by views of island-studded waters and the elegant profile of a dormant volcano, we certainly lay claim the most-beautiful setting. There is much evidence on display to showcase the town’s fascinating history and blend of cultures: Tlingit art and totem poles, Russian architecture, rows of colorful fishing boats, and the remains of WWII-era fortifications now being reclaimed by the rainforest. Sitka is home to about 8,600 very friendly folks. And we are outnumbered by almost every species of wildlife in the neighborhood.

Sitka is one of very few communities in the state that are actually situated on the outer coast, which offers a maze of narrow passages and countless islands. The majority of this pristine marine wilderness is fringed by poorly-charted reefs and vast kelp forests – places that are best explored up-close, by sea kayak. Much of this environment is inaccessible by any other means. Quite simply, there is no better place in the world for sea kayaking.

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