Multi-Day Expeditions


Why Start from Sitka?

If you’re planning a multi-day sea kayaking expedition, Sitka is the perfect “base camp” to start from. In addition to being an incredibly fascinating and beautiful little town it is also a great place to stock up on every manner of provision you might need. Plus, it requires the right degree of difficulty to get here – it’s easy enough for anyone traveling with a sense of purpose, but just hard enough to keep out the sissies and riffraff. Most importantly, Sitka is perched on the edge of one of the world’s most spectacular stretches of wild coast, amid a jumble of islands and narrow passages that offer the perfect terrain for adventurous souls who prefer to explore by sea kayak.

Outfitting & Guiding Options

We appreciate that your paddle group is seeking to have a unique adventure, custom-designed for the abilities and interests of the group, and fitted to the time frame that works best for you. We can apply our local knowledge, combined with our outfitting and/or guiding capabilities, to help you design the perfect expedition. And, we have done our best to structure our services so that you don’t have to pay for help you don’t want or need. Below is a brief description of the general levels of support we can provide, plus an overview of our rates:

Levels of Support

  1. Self-Guided Basic – We supply kayaks and all the paddle gear you’ll need. You bring all your own camping gear and handle your own food provisioning. You act as your own guide, with local knowledge assistance from us. (For experienced multi-day paddlers only.)
  2. Self-Guided Plus – Same as above, except that in addition to kayaks and paddle gear, we will also provide you with primary camping basics: tents, tarps, sleeping bags, pads and cooking gear. (You still bring your Swiss army knife, head lamp and other little gadgets)
  3. Guided + Rentals – We will supply a guide(s) in addition to the kayak rental, plus whatever camping gear you need to rent. Our guide(s) will provide route & camp site advice, and serve as your expedition naturalist. You handle your own provisioning and cooking.
  4. Fully Guided – You bring your camping clothes and your little gadgets, and we will take care of everything else, including all the provisioning and cooking. Yeah, it starts getting a little more spendy at this level, but past guests have told us it was worth every penny.
Expedition Rates Menu
2-7 Day8-14 DaysAddl Days
Kayaks & GearSingle Kayak
Double Kayak
Triple Kayak
Camping Gear
3-person tent
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad
Camp Kitchen
Full Rain Gear
$25 first night + $5 per additional nights
$25 first night + $5 per additional nights
$15 first night + $3 per additional nights
$15 first night + $3 per additional nights
$10 first night + $2 per additional nights
Guide Services2-person Group
3-person Group
4-person Group
5-person Group
6-person Group
$400 per night with one guide
$450 per night with one guide
$500-$650 per night with 1-2 guides
$700 per night with two guides
$750 per night with two guides
Food Services$75/person/nightincludes all meal & snack planning, provisioning, packing and cooking

Please Note:

  1. The prices listed above do not include Sitka’s 6% sales tax. It is important to keep in mind that our sales tax is “capped” at the first $3000 of purchase. So, even if the total price of your expedition exceeds $3000, you would still only pay a maximum of $180 tax.
  2. For guided expeditions, a “day” is defined as a 24-hour cycle. If your expedition starts at (or after) 12:00 noon on Day 1, then Day 2 does not begin until noon of your second day. We will prorate charges for any partial days of guiding services at an hourly rate.
  3. When planning your expedition it is a good idea to build in at least one day of “buffer time” per week, to stay safe ashore if the weather presents poor paddling conditions. And don’t plan to depart Sitka on the same day you’re planning to be back from your expedition.
  4. For your safety, only experienced kayakers/campers will be allowed the option of arranging a self-guided expedition. Inexperienced kayakers/campers must employ our guiding services.

If you have any questions about Customized Outfitting & Guiding, feel free to contact us.

Marine Transport Service

Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures operates a sturdy transport vessel that has been specially set-up to carry up to 6 paddlers and 6 kayaks, plus all the gear required for a multi-day expedition. For larger groups we can make arrangements for an additional vessel. We can transport to any remote location up to 60 miles from Sitka. The price for this service is based on the running distance and number of passengers. Please email or call to receive a price quote specific to your destination and group size. Our price for this type of service is the best you’ll find anywhere.

Helpful Links for Expedition Planning

Booking & Cancellation Policy

To ensure equipment and/or guide availability, we highly recommend securing expedition arrangements with as much advance notice as possible. All multi-day sea kayak expeditions require full payment within 7 calendar days of booking. If you do have to cancel:

  • with 61+ days advance notice you’ll receive a full refund, minus a $100/person processing fee
  • with 30-60 days advance notice you’ll receive a 50% refund
  • with less than 30 days advance notice there will be no refund

We’ll do our best to work with you to reschedule an expedition should it become necessary, but please advise as soon as possible if a situation arises that may effect your travel plans – our ability to make equipment available, and re-assign guides, is greatly diminished on short notice.

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