Volcano Coast Cruise & Paddle

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Price (USD):

$299 + tax / Person (participants must be at least 12 years old)


9.0 hours approx. (5-6 hrs paddle time)


Active. Previous paddle experience required

Group Size:

2 person minimum / 6 person maximum

Guide Ratio:

At least 1 guide per maximum of 6 participants

We Provide:

Guide(s), kayaks, paddle gear, snacks & bottled water

You Bring:

Layered clothing, comfortable shoes and a warm hat


Sun glasses, camera, binoculars, gloves and rain gear


May 19 – September 8, 2018


Daily: departing at 8:00am


PLEASE NOTE:  Because of variable and quickly changing sea conditions along the exposed coast of Kruzof Island, this tour is not available for advanced booking.  However, if you reserve the Full-Day Wild Coast Paddle & Cruise, and if sea conditions are favorable for paddling near Kruzof Island on the morning of your trip, at the 7:45am check-in time with your guide and boat captain you may be presented with the option of converting to the longer-duration Volcano Coast adventure.  If you elect to upgrade to this longer trip, there will be an additional charge of $50 per person.

We’ll start in the early morning: first, by reviewing the sea conditions to be considered, and then by getting properly outfitted with gear. Next, we’ll board our sturdy transport vessel for the exciting ride across Sitka Sound to Kruzof Island. Weather permitting, in route we will make a detour to circumnavigate Saint Lazaria Island, summer home to thousands of nesting sea birds including: puffins, auklets, murres, pigeon guillemots, oystercatchers and cormorants. We’ll put-in for our paddle behind the lee of a sheltering point of land near the base of Mount Edgecumbe, a beautiful dormant volcano that will dominate our views for much of the day.

The southern coast of Kruzof Island is a dramatic jumble of steep volcanic formations and poorly-charted reefs. Large vessels stay well offshore and it is almost impossible terrain to transit afoot. The only way to really investigate this coast up-close is by sea kayak, and, boy is it fun. We’ll drift near glimmering walls of colorful intertidal life, glide over kelp forests, and paddle into sea caves to see what secrets they have to reveal. There are a few gorgeous beaches along the way, but we’ll have to look them over carefully before venturing ashore – Kruzof is home to one of the healthiest populations of Brown bears in Alaska, and it is not uncommon to watch one amble along the beach, completely unaware of our presence.

At about the half-way point in our paddle we’ll step ashore (in a safe spot, where we can see well in all directions!) to stretch our legs, do a little beachcombing, and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch. The total paddling time on this full-day exploration is 5-6 hours, in which time we’ll travel about 8-10 miles, depending on your preferences. All participants must be in good general health, at least 12 years of age and have previous sea kayaking experience. This great adventure concludes with a late-afternoon boat pick-up and transport back to Sitka.

  • Participants must be moderately fit and at least 12 years of age.
  • Maximum height: 6-ft 4-inches. Maximum weight: 250 pounds.
  • Please arrive at the Big Blue Bus at Crescent Harbor 15 minutes prior to tour time.
  • Guest safety is our highest priority. Tours will be cancelled if the lead guide determines that conditions are unsafe. A full refund shall be made if the tour is cancelled.

Special Notes

  • If you’re coming to Alaska on a cruiseship, and you don’t know the exact timing of your ship’s port-call in Sitka, please click here to review a current version of the 2018 Cruiseship Schedule.
  • To ensure we can accommodate your preferred tour timing and/or equipment availability, we highly recommend that you reserve your tour/expedition/kayak rental well in advance of your arrival date in Sitka. The months of June through August are especially busy.
  • The information you provide will not be shared with any other person or business entity.
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